Eye Examinations

Eye Examination Derby 

Eye examinations are carried out by our regular locum optometrist, Anita Hingorani, and are available on various days through the week.

We offer a full and thorough examination that will look at the internal and external health of your eyes as well as your vision.

If you’ve been put off by the “air puff” test (properly know as non-contact tonometry), we have the solution.

We use the very latest instrument to measure the pressure within the eye that utilises a tiny and soft probe that removes the need for the “air puff”, but requires no eye drops either.

You really won’t feel a thing!

Eye examinations are free for everyone over the age of 60 or under 19 (as long as you’re still in full-time education).

Those receiving most DSS benefits also get a free test- please call to confirm your eligibility.

If you’re diabetic, suffer from glaucoma, or have a close relative who has glaucoma (and you’re over 40), you’ll also get a free NHS test.

Private eye examinations are charged at £25.

We recommend an eye examination for everyone at least once every 2 years, more often if you’re over 70 or have any eye conditions that need monitoring.

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