Lenses Derby 

We offer a full range of lenses from the simplest single vision to the most advanced varifocal designs.

We pride ourselves on being able to cope with prescriptions that certain other optical outlets cannot supply - ultra - high powers, very large prismatic corrections and complicated prescriptions.

A combination of our experience, technical expertise and contacts within the optical manufacturing industry mean that we’ve never been stumped by a prescription - we’ve even had patients referred to us from other opticians whose suppliers could not fulfil their requirements.

You’ll also find that our prices are more than competitive - single vision lenses start at just £25 per pair, bifocals from £48 and varifocals from £75. (Depending on prescription and lens type, of course).

With our frame prices starting from FREE, you could get TWO pairs of complete glasses - including separate prescriptions for distance and reading, from just £50!

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